About Us

CEO Founder, Mr. Alimoze Abdelkadir

Welcome To Arau Group

ARAU GROUP was founded by Mr. Alimuz Abdelkader Tahir (CEO), the 25-year expert in sales, operation and marketing in FMCG. The humble beginning of ARAU GROUP was in 2010 in Jeddah. It started in a distribution joint venture with Al Mehleky Group, the expansion continued to consultancy business in FMCG. In 2011, a joint venture of olives business was established with Ali Rababa & Sons SRL Group.

The Group continued on growing in the international and local markets. The year 2013 witnessed many partnerships including sourcing and consultancy with Global Pacific New Zealand Investment Company; Tranget Limited Consultants, Spain; Swiss quad Belgium Company; Ajran Group for Trading.

ARAU GROUP is devoted to delivering high-quality services and efficiency. These aspects have instilled excitement and commitment in us, they have become our strength that keeps our spirits high through the ups and downs of business, as we built confidence and accumulated experience. With experience came perfection and popularity, both have led to more business and success. It has been four years of hard work and dedication to achieve our customers satisfaction

Our Values

To fulfill customer needs through convenient, sustainable offering and provide simple yet best customer service to maximize share holders value.



We can meet
your requirements.



we believe in
end-to-end delivery.



Knowledge of best practice benchmarking.



Project step-by-step analysis and completion.


Team Work

Work with passion to finish team objectives.



Obtaining the best possible outcome in the least wasteful manner.